AI eye checks can predict heart disease risk in less than minute, finds study | Heart disease

An artificial intelligence tool that scans eyes can accurately predict a person’s risk of heart disease in less than a minute, researchers say. The breakthrough could enable ophthalmologists and other health workers to carry out cardiovascular screening on the high street using a camera – without the need for blood tests or blood pressure checks … Read more

Revealed: Babies have air pollution particles in their lungs while they’re still in the WOMB 

Revealed: Babies have air pollution particles in their lungs while they’re still in the WOMB Air pollution particles can reach babies in the womb, a landmark study suggests Pollutants from traffic fumes can cross the placenta and get into baby’s organs Experts say findings are ‘concerning’ as organ development occurs in the uterus By Kate … Read more

Immune reactions to severe Covid may trigger brain problems, study finds | Coronavirus

Severe Covid infections can cause immune reactions that damage nerve cells in the brain, causing memory problems and confusion, and potentially raising the risk of long-term health issues, research suggests. Scientists at King’s College London found that a wayward immune response to the virus increased the death rate of neurons and had a “profound” impact … Read more

‘Positive Association’ Between Vaccine-Related Aluminum Exposure and Persistent Asthma: CDC-Funded Study

A study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found a “positive association” between vaccine-related aluminum exposure and persistent asthma. The study (pdf), published on Sept. 28 in the medical journal Academic Pediatrics, sought to “assess the association between cumulative aluminum exposure from vaccines before age 24 months [2 years of … Read more

Toxic Megacolon Due to Fulminant Clostridioides difficile Infection

A 40-year-old man presented to the emergency department with vomiting and diarrhea. He had no known medical history and had not received antimicrobial therapy recently. His heart rate was 132 beats per minute, and other vital signs were normal. Examination was notable for confusion and for diffuse tenderness to palpation of the abdomen with tympany. … Read more

Woman with multiple sclerosis misdiagnosed for 13 YEARS, told by doctors pain was due to ‘exercise’

A woman with multiple sclerosis said she was misdiagnosed for 13 years, and was told by doctors that she should ‘exercise’ or make herself a ‘mixed drink’ to help her severe pain. Lindsay Cohen Karp, 39, a children’s book author from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said she was plagued with ‘debilitating fatigue, mobility issues, and pain’ for … Read more

N.J. reports 1,526 COVID cases, 7 deaths. Rate of transmission drastically drops in one week.

New Jersey on Wednesday reported another 1,526 confirmed COVID-19 cases and seven confirmed deaths as the rate of transmission has seen a dramatic decrease since last week. The statewide rate of transmission was .98 on Wednesday, down from 1.16 on Thursday of last week. When the transmission rate is 1, that means cases have leveled … Read more