More Super Mario Movie Jakks Pacific Toy Listings Surface On Amazon

Image: Nintendo, Ubisoft Back in February, it was discovered Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. movie would be getting a toy line created by Jakks Pacific. At the time, Amazon Canada listed a 5-inch Toad figure and a ‘Mini-World’ van playset, but no other details were attached. Now, months later – Amazon has some new listings for … Read more

Random: Great Scott! These Splatoon 3 Rewards Sure Look Familiar

Image: Universal Pictures Splatoon 3 channels all sorts of young and hip themes, but it seems the third entry has also taken some inspiration from a number of popular movies from the 1980s. Warning: potential spoilers ahead! As noticed by a number of Inklings and Octolings across multiple social media platforms, the latest outing has … Read more

Pixel 7 and Tensor G2 – leaving Qualcomm to cuddle up with Samsung – Google’s biggest mistake?

If you’re an iPhone or a Samsung user who’s ever considered switching to a Google Pixel flagship phone, this year might be the best time to do that! Of course, that’s because the nearly announced phones will be the best flagships Google’s ever made. But also, this time around, it doesn’t seem like Apple and … Read more

Imagine any console having a launch line-up as good as Steam Deck’s most played games in September

I’ve no idea how many Steam Decks Valve have sold, but cor: it sure seems to be a success in terms of the diversity of games people are enjoying on it.

Yesterday, the official Steam Deck Twitter account shared a list of the most played games on the handheld PC gaming machine in September. The list includes Vampire Survivors, Elden Ring, Stardew Valley, Cyberpunk 2077, Hades and No Man’s Sky.

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Rust Infrastructure Pull Request Submitted For Linux 6.1!

It’s happening folks! Linus Torvalds already indicated recently he intends to pull the initial Rust programming language support into the Linux 6.1 kernel cycle and today that pull request was submitted to him. Linux 6.0 isn’t out yet but should be on Sunday unless any last minute problems, which in turn will mark the start … Read more