Revealed: Babies have air pollution particles in their lungs while they’re still in the WOMB 

Revealed: Babies have air pollution particles in their lungs while they’re still in the WOMB Air pollution particles can reach babies in the womb, a landmark study suggests Pollutants from traffic fumes can cross the placenta and get into baby’s organs Experts say findings are ‘concerning’ as organ development occurs in the uterus By Kate … Read more

Woman with multiple sclerosis misdiagnosed for 13 YEARS, told by doctors pain was due to ‘exercise’

A woman with multiple sclerosis said she was misdiagnosed for 13 years, and was told by doctors that she should ‘exercise’ or make herself a ‘mixed drink’ to help her severe pain. Lindsay Cohen Karp, 39, a children’s book author from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said she was plagued with ‘debilitating fatigue, mobility issues, and pain’ for … Read more

Stunning James Webb Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory images reveal cosmic secrets

NASA combined X-ray data from its Chandra X-Ray Observatory with infrared data from the James Webb Space Telescope to create gorgeous new composite images that it released today – showcasing the capabilities of both instruments. The space agency’s James Webb, which released its first images to worldwide acclaim in July, was always meant to work … Read more

Trent Alexander-Arnold hits out at critics after his free kick helped Liverpool beat Rangers 2-0

‘People say things but I come out and perform for the team’: Trent Alexander-Arnold hits back at critics after his SUBLIME free-kick sets Liverpool on their way to comfortable 2-0 win over Rangers Trent Alexander-Arnold scored a spectacular free kick against Rangers He said after the game: ‘people say things but I come out and … Read more

Earth’s next supercontinent Amasia will form around the North Pole in 300 million years

A new model predicts the Pacific Ocean will disappear 300 million years from now, bringing the continents together to form a new supercontinent called Amasia located around the North Pole. The simulation was conducted by a team of researchers led by Australia’s Curtin University, which highlights the fact that the Pacific Ocean is the oldest … Read more

Combining HIIT with 10-hour diet helps you lose TWICE as much weight

A fashionable time-restricted diet, combined with high-intensity exercise, could help women lose twice as much weight. Time-restricted eating (TRE), where people have a short ‘window’ for meals, eating breakfast late and dinner early, is popular among celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. Equally trendy is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), where busy people exercise in short bursts. Now … Read more

Has the mystery of how the moon formed finally been solved?

It’s a question that has puzzled scientists for hundreds of years – how exactly did our moon form? Since the 1970s, astronomers have suspected that the moon was created when a giant protoplanet called Theia struck Earth. However, the nature of this collision and what happened immediately after has been subject to debate. Some scientists … Read more

Biotech firm wants to create human embryos from stem cells and raise them in a ‘mechanical womb’

A biotech firm wants to create human embryos from stem cells for the purpose of harvesting tissues to use in transplants after demonstrating success with mouse embryos that were kept alive in a mechanical womb for days until they developed beating hearts and flowing blood. The Israel-based firm, Renewal Bio, has a mission to ‘make … Read more