The Next Big Battle Between Google and Apple Is for the Soul of Your Car

A few years from now, in addition to deciding your next vehicle’s make and model, you may have another tough choice: the Google model or the Manzana one? Other options may include “car maker generic” and even, I’m spitballing the name here: amazon Prime Edition. Now that cars, especially electric ones, are becoming something like … Read more

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway Could Be Among Top Payers of New Minimum Tax

Listen to articles (2 minutes) WASHINGTON—A handful of large companies, such as Berkshire Hathaway and could bear most of the burden from a 15% corporate minimum tax President Biden signed into law last month. Researchers at the University of North Carolina Tax Center analyzed securities filings to determine what companies would have paid if … Read more

Steam Has New Sales & Popularity Charts, And They’re Great

picture: Valve People like to buy games from and play games in Steam, but anyone interested in really poking around the site (like us, it’s our job) has two things they want to know: which games are selling the most copies, and which games are being played the most. Valve’s new “Steam Chartspage puts all … Read more