Phasmophobia ‘Sex Pest’ Kicked From Official Discord Server

picture: Kinetic Games An admin on the official Discord servers for Kinetic Games’ extremely popular indie horror game Phasmophobia was recently removed after a Twitter user issued a public condemnation of the studio for not keeping its community safe from sexual harassment and racism. Last week, Twitter user @CrownedCollider posted a thread in which they … Read more

Steam Has New Sales & Popularity Charts, And They’re Great

picture: Valve People like to buy games from and play games in Steam, but anyone interested in really poking around the site (like us, it’s our job) has two things they want to know: which games are selling the most copies, and which games are being played the most. Valve’s new “Steam Chartspage puts all … Read more

Logitech’s Game Pass Streaming Handheld Is Too Expensive

Having a (relatively) small device that can play basically any big game on it is a cool idea, and that’s what I love about Valve’s Steam Deck. But the Deck can be a bit bulky, and its battery just doesn’t last sometimes. Plus it doesn’t work easily with Xbox Game Pass. So the idea of … Read more