Mother settles lawsuit over 2016 Texas arrest that was captured on video

CNN — The City of Fort Worth, Texas, has reached a settlement with Jacqueline Craig, a Black woman whose 2016 arrest after she called the police for help was documented in a Facebook video. Craig was arrested in December 2016 after calling police to complain that an adult neighbor had assaulted her young son, CNN … Read more

Opinion: DeSantis’ actions should raise alarm bells

Editor’s Note: Norman Eisen served as counsel to House Democrats in the first Trump impeachment and as White House ethics czar and ambassador to the Czech Republic in the Obama administration. Christine Todd Whitman was the governor of New Jersey and administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in the George W. Bush administration. Eisen was … Read more

McDonald’s must face $10 billion discrimination suit from media group

New York CNN Business — McDonald’s will have to defend itself against a $10 billion lawsuit from media mogul Byron Allen over an allegation that the fast food chain doesn’t advertise with Black-owned media. A federal court ruled last week said that Allen and his company, Allen Media Group, can try to prove in court … Read more

Alex Jones admonished by judge as Sandy Hook defamation trial goes off the rails

New York CNN Business — Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones tangled Thursday in an explosive courtroom exchange with an attorney for families of Sandy Hook victims who have sued him in Connecticut, prompting an admonishment from the judge and warning that they could be held in contempt if they violate court rules moving forward. The warning … Read more