We’ll Finally Get to See the Next Need For Speed This Thursday

picture: Electronic Arts need for speed. It’s the racing genre’s equivalent of simpsons: beloved upon its inception and unbeatable in its prime, only to lose the magic long ago, to the point where there have been far more middle years than good ones. Inconsistency hass been the one constant, though the reverence for those early … Read more

TV Network Ripped Online After Calling Classic Sega Game Indie

screenshot: sega A British media conglomerate, Sky, has just made a complete ass of itself on Twitter, after attempting to hang wiv da cool kidz while promoting its new partnership with David Beckham’s eSports company, Guild. Asking followers of the [checks notes] technical support account to tweet a screenshot of their “favorite childhood #IndieGame,” they … Read more

Phasmophobia ‘Sex Pest’ Kicked From Official Discord Server

picture: Kinetic Games An admin on the official Discord servers for Kinetic Games’ extremely popular indie horror game Phasmophobia was recently removed after a Twitter user issued a public condemnation of the studio for not keeping its community safe from sexual harassment and racism. Last week, Twitter user @CrownedCollider posted a thread in which they … Read more

Hackers hijack Fast Company, send obscene push alert through Apple News

Many Apple News users received a push notification Tuesday containing racist and obscene language, the result of a hack. The offensive message came in a push alert around 8:18 pm Eastern from the account of business news magazine Fast Company, adding that “Thrax was here.” It was unclear exactly who Thrax was, or how many … Read more

Microsoft Has a New Trick for Keeping Your Password Safe

photo: Wachiwit (Shutterstock) Your PC’s password is not something to be shared lightly. It’s the keys to your kingdom: From work, to social media, to banking, your whole world is likely accessible from your Windows machine. Consequently, microsoft es begging us to not be idiots who will hand our passwords over to anyone who asks. … Read more

These 20 stocks in the S&P skidded as much as 21.5% during another brutal week for the market

Another difficult week for US stocks ended with shares of oil producers sliding and Ford Motor Co. tumbling further on concerns over supply shortages. The S&P 500SPX, -1.72% fell 1.7% on Friday for a one-week decline of 4.6%, as investors continued to fret about the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate increases to temper inflation. Among components of … Read more

Steam Has New Sales & Popularity Charts, And They’re Great

picture: Valve People like to buy games from and play games in Steam, but anyone interested in really poking around the site (like us, it’s our job) has two things they want to know: which games are selling the most copies, and which games are being played the most. Valve’s new “Steam Chartspage puts all … Read more