What is skin cycling? Learn more about the Tiktok skin care trend

It may sound like a workout for your face, but skin cycling is actually a routine that prioritizes rest and recovery for your skin. The method was coined by Dr. Whitney Bowe and has taken off on TikTok with other skin care experts and novices alike touting its skin benefits. “Skin cycling is a trend … Read more

Our editors’ favorite viral TikTok beauty products

With all the mindless scrolling on TikTok, you’re bound to catch onto the trendy products that suddenly seem inescapable. If you’re on the beauty side of the app, you’ve probably seen Peter Thomas Roth’s skin-tightening eye cream or Olaplex’s magical bond builder on your For You Page. There are tons of amazing makeup, skin care … Read more

How to use the gua sha facial tool and its skin care benefits

Among all of the viral beauty hacks, gua sha is a legitimate practice with a centuries-old history. Not only does gua sha help lift and tone the face, it also aids in lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation. Originating from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), facial gua sha can be found all over TikTok and social media … Read more